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Mystic Messenger | MC x Saeran :iconwow998:Wow998 4 0 :) :iconwow998:Wow998 7 0 Girl :iconwow998:Wow998 4 0 Yaboku (Yato) :iconwow998:Wow998 7 1 Meme :iconwow998:Wow998 3 0 SpringBonnie :iconwow998:Wow998 6 9 New OC :iconwow998:Wow998 6 2 Merry Christmas! :iconwow998:Wow998 4 2 5 minutes :iconwow998:Wow998 6 2 Ennard Girl :iconwow998:Wow998 5 0 Ennard :iconwow998:Wow998 3 2 For content :iconwow998:Wow998 4 0 IT WORKS! :iconwow998:Wow998 2 5 Help me :iconwow998:Wow998 4 20 What's better? :iconwow998:Wow998 5 1 New animation :iconwow998:Wow998 1 0


Midna, the Twilit Imp. :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 2 2 Bonnie Fnaf 2 :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 2 0
For the sake of love. (GhiraXOC) P12
"So tell me again what happened?" I raised my eyebrow at Ghirahim, quietly munching on deku-nut bread.
"Why? I've told you about a million times!" He shouted, flailing his arms in the air.
"Because I just find it funny."
"How?" I shrugged.
"Just do." He crossed his arms over his chest.
"You are truthfully stubborn."
"Thank you."
I looked at myself in my vanity. Ghirahim had given me a new dress, and expected me to meet him in the courtyard at sundown. The dress was similar to his attire.
Diamond cut-outs went down the sleeves, along with one on my back. One diamond on each knee, and down. I feel so different... So, diamondy... I did my hair off to the side, some strands flowing down my back. Light make-up, and red diamond earrings.
"Holy shit." I muttered, looking outside.
It was almost sundown. I quickly grabbed my white heels, placing them on my feet and walking to the courtyard. But I was actually quite shocked of what was outside my
:iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 3 0
Twili Midna :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 3 3 Midna Shadow Form. :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 3 0 Phantom Foxy Fnaf 3 :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 0
Memories. (ReaderXLink) One-shot
"In a realm now known as Hyrule, there lived four goddesses. Hylia and others, Din, Farore, and Nayru. Together, they banished evil.
But like all things, some evil can't die.
In the chaos of evil, lived the ruler. Much like what he caused, Demise brought ruin to Hyrule. Hyrule was split, leaving one part in the sky, and the other on the surface. Evil lurked on the surface..."
You paused, watching Link. He seemed interested in what you were saying.
"What happened next?" He asked.
"Hylia rose a hero, clad in green. Using the blade of evils bane, he helped Hylia seal evil away.
But the evil broke the seal.
Just when Hyrule needed him most, he decided to vanish."
"Wow. He sounds like a jerk."
"He wasn't... Fallen in battle." Link made an "O" shape with his mouth.
"That's awful... What did Hylia do?"
"Hylia? She banished Demise again, with the rest of her magic. Near her death, she used as much magic as she coul
:iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 2 0
Deku Link :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 0 Cardinal Bird :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 0 Epona :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 2 Vaati, the (failed) Wind Mage. :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 2 2 Fox cub. :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 0 Can someone explain... :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 5 6
For the sake of love. (GhiraXOC) P13
The stars faded as dawn neared. I laid on Ghirahim's chest, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat. I fear I love him too much... Nothing makes sense anymore... I sighed, curling in closer.
"Still not asleep?" Ghira muttered, eyes still closed.
"No... Just looking at the stars." He hummed.
I noticed the song he was humming as one that he hummed in his chants.
"Where'd you learn that song?"
"Oh, I made it myself." My face brightened.
"That's cool." He chuckled.
The whole world darkened as I slipped into unconsciousness, listening to Ghira's music and heartbeat.
I woke to the sun beating on my face. Placing my arm over my head, I curled more into the... bed!? My head shot upwards. Ghirahim must have taken me back here when I fell asleep... I thought.
A familiar hum in the hallway told me that Ghirahim was approaching. Slowly slipping the covers off, I stretched my arms over my head. Out the window, I could hear birds chir
:iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 4 0
Midna shadow form (Again) :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 2 0 Hyrule Warriors Meme :iconlokilaufeyson515:LokiLaufeyson515 1 1


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Hello! My name is Weronika and I am from Poland :3 HOPE YA ENJOY MY GALLERY

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